Kristen Start

Probate Paralegal
Fiduciary Department Manager

As the probate administrator, she assists families after the death of a loved one by steering them through the probate process by completing the necessary court paperwork and balancing family dynamics. Kristen and Suzanne have worked together for nearly two decades, completing estate and distributive plans for hundreds of individuals and estates. They have found equal satisfaction in providing legal representation in a wide variety of estate issues – from preserving family assets by transfer to children, to local or national charities or finding homes for a family pet due to unexpected death of the owner.

Kristen has patience and an ear to listen. She works with our elderly clients, disabled veterans and trust clients to manage their finances, pay their bills and balance their checkbooks. She is responsible for the accountings of client finances which are filed and approved annually by the Veteran’s Administration and the Maine Probate Courts in various counties. She works with Firm Trust clients to provide assistance in a vast array of needs: insurance, interaction with accountants, investment professionals and other related professionals.

When not at work, Kristen can be found making jewelry, tending to her little farm or with her nose in a book. She also enjoys weekend motorcycle rides and beach combing.

"I enjoy the work I do with Johnson Legal and am grateful to be a part of a team that is equally as passionate. It is a good feeling to know the work we do makes a difference in the lives of others."