Conservatorships and Guardianships

There are situations when an aging parent, spouse or a minor child with disabilities needs your assistance, but you find your hands are tied as you have no legal authority to act on their behalf. This is especially true when the person at risk does not have the competency or capacity to sign a Power of Attorney. A court appointment as Guardian and/or Conservator is very often the solution to this problem. A Guardian has control over a person’s overall being and can make decisions regarding such things as medical issues, housing and personal property. A Conservator strictly deals with a person’s finances.

Johnson Legal can help you complete the necessary court forms to apply for Guardianship and/or Conservatorship and navigate the application process with your county probate court. We can also prepare mandatory annual accountings and reports required by the probate court.

Suzanne Johnson can serve as the Guardian and/or Conservator for your loved one should you not be able to act in that role. She is the court appointed Guardian and Conservator for a number of veterans and incapacitated individuals and is fully bonded.

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